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Naval Ravikant pretty much summed it up when he said “Your brand is just a lagging indicator of who you are”. Everything else is elaboration or explication.

In that spirit, here we go:

I’m Irish enough to satisfy the legal requirements for Irish citizenship.

I’m a Second Generation American.

I’m a Second Generation US Vet.

I’m pretty sure I wrote down in my HS yearbook that I wanted to be either a Naval Officer, a Rock Star, or a Nomad Writer.

I’m an Internationally recognized SQL Server expert.

I’m an Internationally recognized Digital Media expert.

I’m a recovering musician, but I have my lapses (private, mostly).

I’m a Rhetorician by education.

I’m a Second Generation Drexel University Graduate School dropout.

I’m a mostly failed Entrepreneur, although - fun fact: one of my online media assets did boast a front page headline on the Jerusalem Post’s web site (that I can take absolutely zero credit for, I just did the tech stuff.)

I’m a (so far) unsuccessful but never quitting Options Trader.

I’m a middle aged GenX’er watching EVERYTHING in the world change right before our eyes and I’m surfing this disruption alongside everyone else…

While I may not be Rick James, I do completely and wholeheartedly encourage you to enjoy yourself.

While I do acknowledge that at this particular time in this Universe, anyway, it’s possible, I’m still somewhat inclined to think that perhaps in another Universe it may also be the case wherein it’s simultaneously possible to validly say YOU CANNOT BUY LEMONADE AT TACO BELL! We may never know, really? It’s science…

For Bud.

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