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I'm done with wasting time on social media

Welcome to my feed! The world is changing right as you're reading this.

The "media" we are offered in large measure resembles the sedating hypnotic distraction or the dystopian authoritarian newspeak of either Huxley or Orwell.

Neil Postman said we should expect that and wrote an exciting book speaking to it. I almost met Dr. Postman. I was at the University bookstore a few hours before he spoke there. But I chose to go look for an apartment instead....

In my 54 revolutions around the sun it's seemed to me that our Elite have always wanted the US to gradually evolve into a European style Socialism, like France. That appears to have failed.

What we're seeing now is really kind of horrifying. Unlike France voting Socialism into their way of life by voting for François Mitterrand, the American voters instead rejected the Socialism of Bernie Sanders at the ballot box.

With the destabilization of COVID19 as we strive to keep our loved ones, our neighbors, and...

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We're imperfect but we love confidence and that's useful to the extent it motivates us all to act towards our common good and the confidence isn't imbecilic. Confidence about that which ought not enjoy confidence can rarely be fun but it can also be some bad words I picked up in the Navy that look like any one of the Jackass movies but worse.

We may disagree and both of us may enjoy confidence and certainty.

But reality is a fractal, not either this or that.

We could both be incorrect in our assessment.

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